Lost in my Mind

After taking a few years off to ponder life and process some personal tragedies, I am back in the saddle again.

I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with people I love over the weekend at  beautiful San Luis Obispo. What a glorious weekend, the weather was beautiful and the company even better. We shopped, walked, and ate at the most wonderful restaurants.

One of the shops we visited was a small art store.  This was vintage 60’s costume jewelry glued to large puzzle pieces.  Genius!IMG_0023


Blast from the Past

Two weeks ago I was in Burbank near Los Angeles for a friends wedding, the next day they took us out of towners to brunch at this wonderful place called Mo’s.  Across the street was a Bob’s Big Boy Resturant, not just a Bob’s but an original Bob’s Big Boy, the original sign looks like its from maybe the 30’s and they still have the drive-in stalls but they arent used anymore.  I was so excited to see this and so happy that they had not changed it to a modern sign. I didnt go inside but it might have been original inside too.  This to me is a piece of art from the past.

Like Mother Like Son

My son is an amazing artist, he has won awards for his art since he was a young boy.  His style is all over the place, he is always trying different mediums and bases like cardboard and acrylic paint to a vintage anatomy hardcover book cut out 3D style, to paper weaving. There is nothing this kid wont try. I have always incouraged his art and I have such pride with each piece he does.

The first picture is based Down South in the 1920’s.  The second is an abstract of a wall in downtown San diego. The third is a quick drawing I call “the bunny” he drew in the childrens studio at the Art Museum in San DiegoBunny Ears

I’ve Gone Digital

Art is a very important part of my life, I paint, sew, work with jewelry and more.  Last December I bit the bullet and bought a professional digital camera. As much as I love my point and shoot, it didnt give me the quality I wanted for my art.  The problem is I had no idea how to use it.  So last weekend I took a class that really helped me understand the different features.

Art has a whole new meaning now, the beautiful stuff I see through that camera lens has opened up my eyes.  Things I never really thought of as “art” because it wasnt on paper or canvas.  The detail on a flower, the lines on a dogs face….. its endless.

I havent given up on my other art but for now my art is in the form of photos.

Christmas Van in La Jollla

Months ago I decided to start carring my camera with me. Every time I went out I would see something and think darn I wish I had my camera. I was on my way back to work after lunch one day and this vehicle came around the corner I thought NO ONE would believe me if I tried to describe this van so I got out my camera and waited until I could get behind it and took this picture. The scene was i’m guessing welded on the top of the van and the whole inside was decorated with christmas stuff. Christmas in July in San Diego! as you can see the licence is a California one. I’m so glad I carry my camera!

Random Mural

As I was wandering around downtown San Diego waiting for my son to finish working, I saw this wonderful mural on the side of a wall. The wall was part of an apartment building (where the dumpster is kept) I thought how fun it must have been to paint this mural. I wonder what the artist was thinking when they decided this is what they would paint.


Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I thought I would share what I could remember as a kid on that day. We usually had some company mostly aunts uncles and cousins. The adults sat at our fancy table in the dining area and all the kids had to sit in the kitchen. The kids conversations were never that great, I always wanted to know what all the laughing and talking was about at the big table. My mom always dished up our plates and we had to eat every bit before we were able to drink. Who does that to kids?? It would be so hard to swallow without something to wash it down……. When I had my son he had to sit at the kids table too but he aways had liquid to wash down his food! Hope everyone has a wonderful Turkey Day!