Blast from the Past

Two weeks ago I was in Burbank near Los Angeles for a friends wedding, the next day they took us out of towners to brunch at this wonderful place called Mo’s.  Across the street was a Bob’s Big Boy Resturant, not just a Bob’s but an original Bob’s Big Boy, the original sign looks like its from maybe the 30’s and they still have the drive-in stalls but they arent used anymore.  I was so excited to see this and so happy that they had not changed it to a modern sign. I didnt go inside but it might have been original inside too.  This to me is a piece of art from the past.


Like Mother Like Son

My son is an amazing artist, he has won awards for his art since he was a young boy.  His style is all over the place, he is always trying different mediums and bases like cardboard and acrylic paint to a vintage anatomy hardcover book cut out 3D style, to paper weaving. There is nothing this kid wont try. I have always incouraged his art and I have such pride with each piece he does.

The first picture is based Down South in the 1920’s.  The second is an abstract of a wall in downtown San diego. The third is a quick drawing I call “the bunny” he drew in the childrens studio at the Art Museum in San DiegoBunny Ears