I saw this umbrella in a store window in Las Vegas and fell in love with it. It was only for display.  Since I couldnt buy it I took a picture of it.Umbrella


Domino Art

Nature pure & simpleI love to do Domino Art as well. I dont get a chance to do it much but I just participated in a charity auction for the Human Society.

July 4th weekend

Having an extra day off this weekend helped me catch up on my watercolor paintings i’ve been working on in class. I was able to finish my rose and almost finished the boats, lake and sky one. The sky and water is really a challenge, I can see that I will need to practice alot on those.

Michael Jackson

This week has been a bad week for deaths. Ed McMahn, Farrah Fawcett and now Michael Jackson at age 50.


Art is every where you go

Art is every where you go

This is an IRIS from my garden, I love the two tones.  This is going to be the next student in my watercolor class.  I will be posting pictures of the end result soon~


For those who know me know i’m a very artsy crafty person.  I have many hobbies and enough stuff for each hobby that I would never need to ever go to another craft store if I lived to be 100.  Of course that doesnt stop me from going and purchase more mind you.

So last week I started taking a watercolor painting class……. Yes, I loved it too (one more hobby to fit into my already busy and crowded life).  How many of you have the same problem?  to many hobbies not enough hours in the day? if your like me you also have a full time job AND furry buddies waiting at home wanting your full attention or wanting to help with your project…….

Welcome to My Creative Circle

Hello, thanks for stopping by to “My Creative Circle”.  I chose the name because I have so many hobbies and things I like to do that some times my mind spins in circles trying to figure out what I should do.  There are times when I have several completely different projects going at one time and it can get frusting not finishing any of them.   I’ve been trying to do better by working on ONE project at a time but then I get so inspired by all the magazines out there I want to try a new techique or sew a new outfit….. it can get overwhelming. 

I’m new to blogging, I hope I can find some people out there who are like me and have the same issues with too many projects and collections.  Please feel free to contact me and let me know about your hobbies and crafty stuff you do.